Satanismus wird gewöhnlich nicht verstanden

As Occultists we have been aware of this shift for decades now, even longer.

Weil denen der Verstand fehlt, die sich fragen, was das wohl sein soll. Wer sich wundert, was gerade in der Welt passiert, ist einfach nicht orientiert. Alles ist absolut absehbar.

Moving Forward

The Legion for Satan is moving forward, changing with the times for the better. We are focusing more on education and bringing Occultists together. Why are we doing this? Because the Legion was based on a simple principal: To connect Occultist no matter the path, to be respectful of all and never biased. That is what we do. In this world, at this time, we have had a lot of things happening. We have had political upheavals, revolutionists, changes in thinking and a wanting of more. As Occultists we have been aware of this shift for decades now, even longer. We also know that there are way to many people who are closed-minded within our own path as well.

You have a lot of people who try to jump out of one system and into another system wanting to make up 12 years lost, in 2. It’s not going to happen that way. It takes time, education and practice. That is what the Legion strives for…to help people network, to give them as much information that we can, to direct them to other venues in which they can grow personally, offer our advice and experience (when appropriate), and to dispel a lot of myths that they may have heard.

Like many other sites, we try to educate people based on our own personal experiences and with what we have learned and gathered on the way. We are not experts, nor do we claim to be the end all, know all of what we share. We are people with 10-20+ years experience of practical applications, spells gone wrong; and we have all had our fair share of learning the hard way before we wised up, looked and researched before we leaped. It is real and we learn by doing, not just by talking. Everyone is always looking for that person to guide them, and we are here for those who are searching. I have always grown tired of the saying „teacher appears when the student is ready and not before“. That is how a lot of people get jacked up in the first place. Some people act like they are a gift to others and you must do this and that in order to get to them; others are so super busy because they offer to help people and make themselves available; and then you have those who will take advantage of you. It is difficult to tell the people who are here to help you, from the people who are here to use you.

That is where we come in, to try to help people on their path and guide them as much as we can. The Legion was created, founded, and ran by a HPS of a Satanic Community. She felt that all people regardless of their path shall be able to have a place where they aren’t berated or told they are less than another. The Legion is also ran by Satanist…but we are home to Pagans, Luciferians, Atheist, Dark Pagans, Vampires, Modern practitioner’s and the like. We are truly a home for all Occultists and we welcome you to join us and share, laugh, talk and teach.

Ich gehe davon aus, Englisch wird verstanden.  Mittlerweile gibt es Vernetzung über Facebook. Früher nur einsame Wölfe, heute überall Verbindungen. Und ja, Tausende.

Wir sind beleibe keine kleine Gruppe. Und mit Gewissheit finden sich hier die schlauesten Köpfe, weil sich Intelligenz mit Religion nicht beliebig kombinieren läßt. Wer rechnen und denken und fühlen und sehen und wollen und handeln kann, merkt schnell, worauf es hinausläuft und wie es tatsächlich geht. Erfahrung vermeiden, totes Zeugs nachlabern, tja das bringt auch in 1000 Leben keinen Gewinn. Gewinn, das ist die 6 der Scheiben. 666. Number of the

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